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Ladon Capital is an alternative funds manager, we are your trusted partner in providing tailored investment solutions.

Established in 2018, Ladon Capital has raised $340 million from Asian and Australian Investors across various asset classes in Australia and Asia.

Our goal is to generate wealth for our customers with risk-adjusted returns.

Based on Greek mythology, Ladon was a serpent tasked with guarding the Garden of the Hesperides. Almost dragon-like in appearance, Ladon was infamous for his vigilance, never sleeping in order to fulfil his duty of protection.

From this, Ladon Capital draws its inspiration.

Working as a trusted partner for investment solutions and long term wealth.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards


We offer a premium level of service, knowing that each relationship is built on trust. We plan for the long term, ensuring that today's performance leaves a lasting legacy.


Building on a foundation of trust, we operate with integrity as a key component. We communicate honestly with strong principles and a sense of responsibility guiding each business decision.


Funds management and wealth creation can be complex. Our experienced team navigates this to deliver clarity for our customers.

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We are all about results. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the consistent performance of our operations and products.

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Disclaimer: Please note that Ladon Capital does not hold any licences to carry out any regulated activities in Singapore and accordingly, Ladon Capital does not carry out any activities which are regulated in Singapore including but not limited to fund management and advising on corporate finance. All regulated activities are carried out by Essentia Partners, a fund management company registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Essentia Partners has the sole and absolute discretion to manage any funds which Ladon Capital has established or will establish together with Essentia Partners. No part of this website or the contents herein should be interpreted to mean that Ladon Capital is carrying out any regulated activities in Singapore. If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to us at info@ladoncapital.com.sg.